Garden State Horse

Our History

The Garden State Horse & Carriage Society was founded in December 1990 as the Horse & Carriage Society of Monmouth County. The name was changed in May 1992 and the club incorporated as a statewide organization. Our logo comes from a print by James Walls called the Gig Horse with the artist’s permission. The Club was formed to promote both competitive and recreational driving, to inform its members and the public about driving, safety and events, to organize driving and riding events and to engage in social, intellectual and recreational opportunities to the end that sociability and good fellowship among its members is strengthened and increased. Our first clinic was held in March 1991 with Audrey Boswick at Clearfields Farm in Jackson, New Jersey and in 1994 we served as the host club for the American Driving Society Weekend of Pleasure Driving at Gladstone, New Jersey with over 100 people in attendance. We have planned and held Pleasure driving Shows, Combined Driving Events, Pleasure Drives and Clinics over the years. Many of our founding members are still active in the club.